Homemade holiday gifts

So the time of year is quickly approaching…you may be thinking “What kind of parent gift should we do with the children this upcoming holiday season?” Over the years my own kids have made a variety of fun and thoughtful items, many of which we see each year as we decorate our Christmas tree!

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few ideas for you:

1. Cinnamon dough ornaments – easy, inexpensive, and an extra bonus is that they smell so good!

2. Recycled paper ornaments using clay molds – more sophisticated, but beautiful results!

3. Cookie mix or soup mix “in a jar” – good food prep activity and fractions practice!

4. Mason jar lid ornaments – good hand/eye coordination activity and inexpensive!

All of these ideas have options for families celebrating all winter holidays – they can be customized for many different themes by changing the cutters, designs, colors, or fabrics used.

Happy gift making!

Cinnamon ornaments - Virtually Montessori

Cinnamon ornaments


Virtually Montessori - recycled paper ornament

Recycled paper ornament

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix In A Jar

Example of cookie mix in a jar

nament - Virtually Montessori

Mason jar lid ornament

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