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My name is Jennifer Harrington and my family and I have been living in southern Nevada for the past 12 years. Transplants from northern California, we have acclimated to desert life and especially enjoy the proximity to Red Rock Canyon, a favorite spot to visit in the area.

I love Montessori philosophy. I believe in the importance of letting children make decisions for themselves in order to foster their independence. I love being able to meet children at their current academic level and giving them lessons they need at that moment to build on prior knowledge. I also love the use of research to find answers to questions, whether big or small.

In addition to eight years of elementary classroom teaching experience in both public and private, I also have provided classroom training and technical assistance to college-level professors and designed and developed web-based training to professionals in a high-tech business environment.

I look forward to providing resources, ideas, and materials so that others can use them in their classrooms and home school environments.

I’m so glad you stopped by. Thanks for visiting.

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