Multiplication charts freebie!

Free multiplication charts for practice or reference

Free multiplication charts for practice or reference

These free multiplication charts* are a great way for your students to practice their multiplication tables from 1- 10. Give the child a copy of both the blank chart and completed chart, to use as a resource.

For those students who might need a little extra help using the chart, show them how to use their fingers as guides from the top row and left column to find where to write a product (or on the completed chart, where to find the answer!). For example, to find the product of 7 x 6, have the student put his right index finger on the blue 7 on the top row. Then ask him to put his left index finger on the red 6. Slowly move the right finger down while also moving the left finger over to the right and where the two fingers meet, find the answer!

Some children might automatically notice and point out patterns they see in the chart (that there are the same products vertically and horizontally for each number). If not, ask them to take a closer look and see what they can find!

When the table is filled in and checked against the completed chart for accuracy, invite the student to glue(stick) or staple his work into the inside cover of his math notebook for a handy reference! Note that for some children, especially those struggling with getting these tables down, this activity may take more than one sitting to complete.

If you choose to use this as an assessment, you could ask the children to complete all the answers they already know first. Then it’s easy at a glance to see which multiplication tables still need some work!

*Printing note: it is recommended that you download the file and open it in Adobe Reader before printing. If you print directly from your browser, you may have slight white lines print in the blue row and red column.

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