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Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids to Make

‘Tis the season to start planning for fun holiday crafts and gifts! I have found some lovely and seemingly simple holiday crafts for kids in your life to create. There’s a little something for various ages and abilities.

Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments – These are so easy and just 2 materials needed – green pipecleaners and red and white pony beads! Simply cut pipe cleaners to desired candy cane length, bend at one end, string beads, and bend at the other end when done.

My kids made these in their early elementary years and they have adorned our Christmas tree ever since. I think preschoolers would enjoy making these as well.

Beaded candy cane ornaments

Beaded candy cane ornaments

Fingerprint Ornaments – I love the simple beauty of these and the keepsake factor, too.

Snowman Luminaries – an easy craft to make the classroom or your home a little more festive.

Spin Art Trees – great activity to put that salad spinner that you no longer use to work!

Sock Snowmen – cute decorations that could also be gifts. Perfect craft for elementary-aged children.

Sticker Snowmen Card – this one is great for the little ones or a simple sentiment for elementary kids. I love cards that my kids have written for me and they always get a special spot in my keepsake box.

Hand Drawn Ornaments Card – best suited for second grade or so and up, these simple yet sophisticated designs have a clean but impressive ‘wow’ factor.

I hope this provides a little inspiration for some simple holiday crafts for kids to make!

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