Interactive Listening Game

Interactive Listening Game from Virtually Montessori
This is a fun, interactive game that encourages students to both carefully read and listen for their clues. Use it as an icebreaker or just as a way to spend 15 minutes or so being goofy and building community together.

What’s Included:
– 30 game cards

Before beginning, print and cut out the cards. Laminating is recommended, but not necessary. 1. Pass out one card to each student. If you have fewer than 30 students, give an extra card to a few students until all cards are passed out. The game will not work properly without all 30 cards in play. 2. The person with the card that reads, “Start the game…” begins. 3. Players listen for their clues and then perform the action as written on the card he or she is holding. 4. Continue play until someone reads, “Thank you for playing. The game is now over.”

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