Suffixes Card Sort Activity

Suffixes Card Sort Activity

Suffixes Card Sort Activity
This card sort activity is intended for practice creating words from roots and common suffixes. The five sets of cards contain 20 cards each (to create 10 words per set). The student may work on the card sort independently or with a partner.

Included in this material
• 5 sets of cards (10 words to be made with 20 cards per set), with card set number labeled on each card
• Answer keys
• Recording sheet

Words Used in the Sorts
Set 1: actor, boxes, careful, highest, kindness, played, quickly, spotless, sticky, teaching
Set 2: acceptable, action, appointment, comfortable, gloomy, heroic, hopeful, joyous, personal, shorten
Set 3: achievement, dependable, election, marvelous, normal, sharpen, tilted, useless, watched, wooden
Set 4: colorful, courageous, golden, goodness, higher, movement, pedal, remarkable, speeding, suddenly
Set 5: agreeable, artistic, colored, completely, dangerous, forgiveness, grouchy, improvement, magical, straighten

Using the Card Sorts
Before use, print, laminate, and cut the pieces to be used. Select which set of cards will be used.
1. Set out the heading card (ex: Suffixes Set 1) and column heading cards (root, suffix).
2. 2. Set the root cards out on the left side of the work space. Choose a suffix card and decide if it fits with the root card at the top of the column. If so, place it next to the first card, making a complete word. If not, continue with the next root below to see if it forms a word. If a suffix would make sense with more than one root, set it aside to see what other words are completed and try that one again later.
3. Continue until all cards are sorted, creating complete words that are spelled correctly. If a child is
unsure of the meaning or spelling of a word, encourage the use of a dictionary.
4. Check work with the answer key.
5. Record work in a language notebook or on the included recording sheet.

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