Possessives and Plurals Card Sort

This material is intended as a follow-up activity after students have been introduced to singular and plural possessives. The challenge of this activity is to identify the proper usage and punctuation (apostrophes) of singular versus plural possessives and plural nouns, given the sentences provided. Within each of the three sets of cards, there are ten sentences and twelve word choices. Working individually or with a partner, the students read each sentence and identify the correct word that makes sense in the sentence. There will be two leftover choices, so it is not instantly obvious which “leftover” word much go with the last sentence.

What’s Included
• Three sets of possessives and plurals cards with ten sentences and twelve word choices each
o Set I: Possessive and plural word choices include: Bella’s, Bellas’, cats, cat’s, books, book’s, party’s, parties, child’s, childs’, aunt’s, aunts
o Set II: Possessive and plural word choices include: boy’s, boys, bird’s, birds, neighbor’s, neighbors, fox’s, foxes, foxes’, horse’s, horses, horses’
o Set III: Possessive and plural word choices include: sister’s, sisters, sisters’, computer’s, computers, computers’, flower’s, flowers, flowers’, kitten’s, kittens, kittens’
• Possessives and Plurals Review card
• Answer keys
• Recording sheets

Using the Materials as a Card Sort
1. Before use, print on card stock, cut, and laminate (if desired).
2. Using one set of cards, have student(s) place the sentences in a column.
3. Student reads each word choice, then sets the word next to the sentence where it fits best.
4. Continue until all sentences have a word next to them.
5. Check work with the included answer key.
6. Record on the included recording sheets, or in a language notebook, if desired.

Alternatively, the cards can be printed two pages per sheet on regular paper. Students can then cut, sort, and glue (stick) the correct words next to the sentences in a language notebook/journal.

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