Greek and Latin Roots and Derivatives: Reference Cards and Card Sort

This material includes both reference cards and card sort activities intended for practice in identifying the correct meaning of various Greek and Latin roots and derivative words of those roots.

Roots included are:

aer/aero, arch, ast/aster/astro, aud, bene, bio, chron, crit, cycl/cyclo, dem/demo, dic/dict, equa/equi, fac/fact/fect, fin, form, ge/geo, grad/gress, graph/graphy, logo, logy, man/mani/manu, metr/meter, mob/mot, ortho, pan, ped/pede/pedi, phobia, phon, photo, port, rupt, scop/scope/scopy, sect/seg, sens/sent, spir, stru/struct, terr/terra, thermo/thermo, tract, ver/vers/vert

Included in this material
• 40 large root and meaning reference cards
o Greek roots have a green border; Latin roots have a blue border
• 80 small root cards and meaning cards for card sort / memory game
• 160 derivatives and definitions cards for card sort / memory game
• Answer keys

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