Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Cards

This material focuses on common fractions and their corresponding decimal and percent values. The cards can be used for one of the activities below, or however you or your students imagine!

Card Sort for practice or assessment
• Using all or a subset of the cards, place column labels out.
• Students then sort under the correct category and with the corresponding fraction.
• They can check their work and record if desired.
• Decide which cards you would like your students to use, which may be all, or a subset.
• Print the cards chosen on regular paper.
• Have the students cut out the pieces and glue(stick) them into a math notebook to be used as a reference.
Game – Equivalent, Greater Than, Less Than?
• In the spirit of the classic card game, “War,” students each turn over one card and determine if they are equivalent, or which of the two cards is greater/less than the other. The ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbol cards included in the “alternate cards” section at the end of the document may be used, if desired.
• The student with the higher value takes both cards and sets them aside. In the case of equivalency, neither student takes the card, but sets them aside in an “equivalent” section.
• Continue playing until all cards have been played.

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