Equivalent Fractions with Hundredths – Booklet, Samples, and Blanks

These materials can be used after the students have a general understanding of fractions and have been introduced to equivalent fractions. Describing fractions in terms of equivalent fractions to 100 is a great way to set the stage for a future introduction to percents, or “parts per hundred.”

Included in this file are 15 examples of common fractions and their equivalents in hundredths, plus a blank. These can be used as an answer key, a teaching resource, or classroom reference charts.

Additionally, there are 15 booklet pages (plus a cover) with a common fraction given and a blank hundred square table to shade in accordingly. There are also 2 booklet pages with placeholders to fill in other equivalent fractions.

These can be cut into half sheets and assembled into a booklet, glued into a math journal, or used on construction paper to make a poster. Also included is a master sheet with four blank hundred square tables to print out and use as desired!

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