Decimal Place Value Reference Strips using Units

Decimal Place Value Reference Strips using Units from Virtually Montessori
These strips are intended to be printed, cut, and used as classroom resources during lessons or practice work. They could also be cut and placed in student math notebooks for reference.

There are two variations of the decimal place reference strips included in this product, both intended to be printed in landscape orientation on regular printer paper or cardstock (8 1/2 x 11”).

Materials Included:
• 2 decimal place value reference strips, with whole number places from thousands to units, and decimal places from tenths to millionths
o 2 sets per page (one page has the color version, the other is black and white)

The colors of the place values correspond to Montessori place value colors. The decimal places are lighter shades of the whole number place value colors to represent that place value being broken down into more and more pieces. For example, the tens place is royal blue, the tenths place is light blue (tens being broken down into smaller pieces) and the ten thousandths place is even lighter blue (indicating even smaller pieces).

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