Binary Mystery Pictures

Draw More Pictures by Converting from Base 10 to Base 2!

Binary Mystery Pictures: Draw a Picture by Converting from Base 10 to Base 2

If you have already seen the sample product of the “Binary Mystery Picture,” this will look familiar! There are 6 more grids, using different numbers, which will in turn create different images.

This is an extension activity used after the students have had several lessons on place value for base 2 (binary). They should have also had practice converting base 10 numbers using 0 and 1 to write numbers in base 2.

The picture activity takes conversion one step further, having the student filling in each box as a 0 or 1, with a 1 represented by a shaded box. Converting the given numbers from base 10 to base 2 will reveal a pixelated image, as a computer would draw it on the screen.

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