Alphabetical Order Card Sort

This card sort activity is intended for practice putting words in alphabetical order. The five sets of cards contain 14 cards each and are increasingly more difficult.The student may work on the card sort independently or with a partner.

Included in this material
• 5 sets of alphabetical order cards (14 cards per set), with card set number labeled on each card
• Answer keys
• Recording sheet

Words Used in the Sorts
• Set 1 (alphabetize by first letter only): actual, benefit, century, demonstrate, example, flexible, globe, however, intelligent, measure, opposite, predator, respect, tradition
• Set 2 (alphabetize by first letter; 3 sets of 2 words to sort by 2nd letter): advantage, ancestor, choice, direction, electric, fraction, inspect, machine, motion, numerical, observation, organism, responsible, travel
• Set 3 (alphabetize by first letter; 2 sets of 3 words to sort by second letter): accurate, beautiful, cabin, change, comfortable, education, environment, estimation, geography, multiplication, national, population, suddenly, welcome
• Set 4 (alphabetize by first letter, 2 sets of 2 words to sort by 2nd letter, 2 sets of 5 words to sort by 2nd or 3rd letter): magic, middle, miracle, muscle, mystical, overflow, peppermint, predictable, reflection, temperature, terrarium, thimble, through, thumb
• Set 5 (alphabetize by 2nd, 3rd, or 4th letter): sculpture, separate, series, sidewalk, simple, sixteen, southern, stationary, sticky, stretcher, stroller, subject, suspect, symbol

Using the Card Sorts
Before use, print, laminate, and cut the pieces to be used. Select which set of cards will be used.
1. Set out the heading card (ex: Alphabetical Order Set 1).
2. Choose a card and place it on the work surface. Take a second card and decide if, in alphabetical order, it
would come before or after the card already set out. If before, set above the card laid out. If after, set it below.
3. Continue until all cards are sorted, adjusting the position of the cards as needed.
4. Check work with the answer key.
5. Record work in a language notebook or on the included recording sheet.

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